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Posture check



The way we hold ourselves can have a real impact on how our bodies move and feel. There are many ways in which your posture can change your everyday life. Hunched shoulders, slouching and generally not being aware of how you sit or stand can lead to aches and pains through your body.

While correcting your posture may not solve the root cause of any discomfort or possible injury, it can certainly be a start to help alleviate any muscular imbalances that you may have, which can lead to body pains.

A simple assessment of how you stand, and how you can better your posture may be a great start to feeling healthier and much more body aware.  

In an Islandz posture check we see how you stand, how you walk and how you hold yourself and then can advise as to how to make corrections and offer Pilates moves that will help strengthen and realign the body.

30 minute assessment £20

Follow up with personalised Pilates plan £25

Diastasis Recti check

Simply put, diastasis recti is a separation of the abdominal fascia...

Well, it's actually more complicated than that and anyone can form a diastasis, from children through to adults (not just ladies who have had babies).

A diastastis check can help you detemine if you have a separation and then we can put together a plan of how to manage the diastasis effectively. 

30 minute diastasis assessment £20

Follow up with personalised Pilates plan £25

Through my Pilates career I have kept up to date with my training - this includes looking at posture and alignment and offering advice on how people can improve their posture. I am also trained in how to detect and help clients with a diastasis in a professional and sensitive manner