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Corporate Pilates

Want to reward your staff by taking care of their wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing is more important than ever, and quality exercise has been proven to promote better productivity and concentration among office workers.

Our Islandz Pilates corporate sessions are the perfect perk for businesses looking to offer fun and focused employee exercise opportunities - and demonstrate a commitment to workplace wellbeing.

We provide 30 - 45 minute sessions on either a one-off or regular weekly basis, coming direct to your office or over Zoom to host an effective session for all fitness levels.

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What corporate clients have to say about Islandz at the office...

‘Holly has been running corporate sessions for LanciaConsult this year in Bristol and more recently recorded a YouTube session for our global team reaching individuals as far as Singapore, Sydney, Hamburg and Johannesburg.  The sessions are straightforward for all the team to follow for 30 minutes and ensures that we focus on our wellbeing and importantly having time away from our desks.  The sessions in Bristol have also been great team building and overall lots of fun.’

                                                                                       - Nicola @ LanciaConsult

Yoga Class

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If you'd like more information on Islandz Pilates or Islandz Retreat then please do get in touch.

Please note that calls can not be answered when teaching or filming is in progress.  Please do leave a message though!


Phone. 07773343326


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