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Scrummy scents for your home and for you



We are creative souls here at Islandz and believe everyone deserves a bit of indulgence.  A gift from you to you is often the best as it's exactly what you wanted!

We have a selction of hand poured candles, relaxing room sprays, Pilates mat mists and body creams.  Everything is developed and made here at Islandz HQ and we're super proud of it!

Candles and Snooze Spray

Our soy wax candles are lovingly handmade and come in the following scents:


Cotton Breeze

Eucalyptus & Mint

Fig & Cassis

£12 plus p&p


The Snooze Spray is a relaxing blend of lavender, camomile and sweet orange to spritz around the room and take 5 mins (or much longer) for yourself.

£10 plus p&p


Body Whip and Mat Mist

Fancy slathering yourself in something pretty fancy and a bit different?  Our thick body whips are fab for moisturing dry skin and also making you smell yum.  The lavender is amazing at bed time for when it's time to switch off and sleeeeeep.

Lemongrass & Shea


£12 plus p&p

Mat Mist

£10 plus p&p

Make your Pilates mat smell fresh and inviting - almost like creating a spa experince everytime your roll out your mat for exercise! Contains rosemary and tea trea for their antibacterial properties

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