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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

OK, so you might well be thinking that a fitness person shouting about gooey cakey goodness isn't quite the right fit. Surely I should be telling you all to eat mung beans and lettuce (incidentally, I really like both these things). However, I simply can't let something this good go unspoken about.

You need MUSH in your life!

Started by Luchia in her gorgeous kitchen near Bristol during lockdown, MUSH offers some of the best baked goods you'll ever wrap your tastebuds around. From homemade ice cream, to Milky Way blondies, with cute little cookie dough bars, chocolate fudge brownies and scrummy baked donuts in between, you really can't go wrong and you'll prob just want to order a bit of everything because you can't bring yourself to decide between what's on offer!

The offer delivery to Bristol and Bath areas, but if you don't live nearby then fear not as they can pop your box of goodies in the post to you. And who doesn't love it when 'fun' post arrives?!

To me, life is about balance. I love to keep fit and healthy - I work hard at it. I LOVE to indulge sometimes too and one of my go tos would always be to sit with a cuppa and a piece of cake and watch Netflix (I've rediscovered New Girl and am loving it).

Treat yourself to something fudging delicious. You deserve it and you wont be disappointed with your MUSH bakes.

Website launching soon but in the meantime you'll find them on Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise drop Luchia a line on

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