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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

As you might know, I'm trying to use my blog as a way of supporting other small businesses that people really should hear about. If we can't help each other then it's a sad state of affairs in my opinion!

So, please let me introduce you to Jen and her lovely Perfect Sense Clothing Company. I love this business as its foundations are so deeply personal and will be a life long journey for Jen and her family.

Flynn, possibly one of the best 6 year olds I've ever met, is Jen's youngest, and they are just embarking on his Autism journey. Flynn has learning disabilities and sees a language therapist to help develop his speaking skills. The Autism Assessment is still pending, but one thing is clear - Flynn is a superhero and so are his mum, dad and two older sisters.

Perfect Sense Clothing Co is trying to take a more modern approach to raising awareness of Autism, SEN, learning disabilites, ASD etc. There's a lot of info out there and it can all get a bit overwhelming and it all feels quite 1980s in the way its portrayed. By taking this incredibly brave step, Jen is calling on all of us to think differently now.

Being told that your child might have Autism must be freaking terrifying, and I can only imagine the pit-of-your-stomach feeling to hear such news. But what better way of getting through this kind of thing, than opening up and putting yourself out there and highlighting a community that is full of absolutely astounding people, of all ages and abilities.

A world of all diffrent kinds of minds is a wonderful thing, and the support Perfect Sense has received so far is great to see. We shouldn't be hiding away from these conversations. Let's spread the word and all take a lead from little chaps like Flynn. Not only is he chatty, funny, adventurous and a joy to be around, but he needs special care and attention, which makes everyone around him think differently.

Perfect Sense Clothing Co, offers the snuggliest hoodies for adults and children, super hero t-shirts for the kids and even super handy tote bags. Just visit their Facebook and Instagram pages and here is the website so you can place an order.

Jen's amazing sister, Clare, who is an A&E nurse, is running the London Marathon this year in aid of the National Autistic Society and Jen is donating £5 from the sale of every hoodie or sweatshirt sold to this charity. A Just Giving page will also be set up so you can donate to Clare's marathon experience (I'll share this once it's all 'up and running').

Even if you are not personally impacted by Autism and you think it doesn't affect your world, then why not just be part of getting people talking about it - you never know who you might help in the process. Buy a Perfect Sense hoodie and wear it with pride when people ask you what it represents and how they can find out more.

For those of you who may be at the start, middle or well into a life with Austism, then I hope you feel that Perfect Sense might be a way of finding support and friends when you can chat and tell your stories to.

I know it gets said a lot, but please, BE KIND. We are all different.

Big love x

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