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Pre and post natal Pilates

Private pre or post natal Pilates classes to keep you fit and healthy before and after birth

Pre natal Pilates is a great way to stay healthy and keep you moving safely as you go through each stage of your pregnancy. Pilates can help keep your muscles toned and maintain or gently build strength so help keep a good posture as bumpy grows.

There are also benefits for your pelvic floor as Pilates will help to strengthen this area of your body and also promote recovery once baby arrives.

As you move through the different stages of pregnancy it’s important that you continue moving safely. Pilates can help you retain muscle tone and gently build strength that will help relieve the pressure put on your posture, limit aches and pains and support your bump as it grows.

Once your baby has arrived and you have been cleared by your doctor or midwife to return to exercise, post natal Pilates is perfect for you to regain your strength in a safe and positive way. It is also important that you allow yourself the time and space to rehabilitate properly both for your body and mind.

Fully trained in pre and post natal Pilates, Holly can help through all stages of pregancy and through to building you back up again after birth.  


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