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Walk & Talk sessions

Safe and understanding talking sessions in nature to help take care of your mind

We all know that getting outside and moving does wonders for our wellbeing. So it’s no surprise that it’s also a fantastic format for talking sessions. 

Islandz has teamed up with the amazing Kirsty at Walk & Talk to bring you hour-long outdoor talking sessions where you have the freedom to open up. The aim is to provide a space for safe conversation and psychological exploration while getting moving and connecting with the natural world.

Dedicating some time for yourself to talk about anything you wish is something every single one of us can benefit from, and when that’s done in nature, the effects can be profound.

What can Walk & Talk sessions help with?

Childhood experiences
Life changes
Negative thoughts
Family dynamics

...or just the urge to better understand yourself and others to feel more positive in your everyday life.

Evening and weekend slots available and take place on
The Downs, BS9 or Victoria Park, BS3

£50 for a single walking session

Book a block of 4 sessions for £185
Islandz clients who are signed up to Pilates get a 20% discount!

Meet Kirsty

Kirsty is friendly, approachable and will immediately make you feel at ease and comfortable in your talking and walking session.


She holds a Certificate in Counselling, 12+ years experience in communications & environmental wellbeing, and is currently undertaking a Master’s in Psychology at Cardiff University.

She also loves doggies so if you've got a pooch then why not bring it along for the walk too!

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