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Islandz Pilates was founded on the principle that Pilates should be fun and open to all, while still providing good results. 


Here at Islandz we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to cultivate health and wellness in their lives. Taking the time to look after yourself can be hard, but it’s really important – so we're here we help!


Islandz offers a range of Pilates classes for all abilities focusing on posture, challenging your balance, working your core and moving your body with awareness and control. Classes are mixed ability with the focus being on challenging yourself to dig deep into your core strength through a variety of different moves for every session.


Islandz Ignite will increase your heart rate and work up a sweat, while still applying the underlying Pilates principles. Aimed at those with a moderate level of fitness, this Pilates session is a little faster and a little harder with more reps and fewer rests in between!


Click on 'Pilates' in the 'Services' tab to see class times and dates.

We can also help with your mental health too!  Walk & Talk therapy sessions are availbale in Bristol and give you the chance to open up and clear your head in a safe and understanding environment.  Find more infomation here.


Fancy a bit of a treat?  We have made some lovely products that you might enjoy, including candles, massage balls and body moisturisers.


So if you want to walk taller, feel stronger, sleep sounder and take better care of yourself, please get in touch.